epr is an owner managed agency for marketing and public relations based in Augsburg. With our creative ideas we support enterprises with establishing their brand name and image. The agency possesses extensive experience in Public Relations and press work, valuable contacts with media-representatives and a high level of journalistic competence.

On behalf of our clients, we have been successfully cooperating with media representatives and public opinion leaders on a long term basis.

We are used to working for, with and as journalists. We put ourselves in our clients’ position – based on the conviction that good press work establishes an image and promotes a brand that is lastingly worth talking about.

We are happy to advise you without obligation!





Direct access to meteocontrol PV services for system operators and investors on the Milk the Sun platform

Münster/Berlin/Augsburg, 07/12/2016 – Key elements of optimal operation of solar energy systems include the technical monitoring of these systems as well as the control and improvement of on-site... [more]

The PerduS project is investigating yield losses experienced by solar energy systems as a result of desert dust – preliminary studies indicate reductions could range from 10 percent to 20 percent.

Augsburg, July 11, 2016 – Hazy skies and dusty cars: Many people are well acquainted with the impact of the Saharan dust that travels to Europe by air. The impact of this dust – as haze in the... [more]

Znakomita cena i wydajność: Logistyka przemysłowa opiera się na drukarkach liniowych

Irvine, California, Offenbach, 21. Czerwiec 2016 – drukarki liniowe to najlepszy wybór dla firm logistycznych drukujących w dużych ilościach. Niezależnie od tego, czy drukowane są listy... [more]

Uitstekende prijs- prestatie verhouding: De Logistieke industrie vertrouwt op de Lijn Matrix printers

Irvine, Californië, Nijmegen, 21. Juni 2016 - Lijn Matrix printers zijn nog steeds de eerste keuze voor logistieke bedrijven met een hoog printvolume. Voor magazijn, verpakking en magazijnlijsten,... [more]

Performance et coût d’utilisation exceptionnels: La logistique fait confiance aux imprimantes matricielles ligne

Irvine, Californie, Nijmegen, 21. Juin 2016 – Les imprimantes matricielles ligne sont toujours la solution de choix pour les activités de logistique ayant un fort volume d’impression. Que ce soit... [more]

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